Cairns Civic Theatre

The redevelopment will be a significant improvement to the cultural opportunities of the citizens of Cairns and visitors to the city. It is an exciting prospect that the Queensland Ballet and the full Queensland Symphony Orchestra along with many other shows will soon be able to perform in a high quality venue in the heart of the city.

CA Architects were commissioned by the Cairns Regional Council to bring this regional theatre up to international requirements to cater for the specific needs of local arts organisations and major touring companies including the Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Oz Opera among others. We investigated the existing building, with specialist Theatre and Acoustic consultants to establish what we can achieve within the constraints of the existing building, including a thorough review of performance requirements and technical aspects for the Back of House. Construction is due to be completed at the end of 2017.
Particular specialist design considerations included:

  • acoustic separation between spaces,
  • control and focussing of reverberant sound,
  • difference between acoustic requirements for different performance types,
  • rigging requirements, and strategies for technical access
  • lighting design
  • building code and DDA issues
  • sightlines, performance entry experiences,
  • audience seating strategies
  • Back of House circulation and dressing facilities and strategies to suit large performances
  • equipment storage requirements and strategies

CA Architects is the Principal Consultant in equal partnership with COX Rayner.

  • Date :  2015-Current
  • Responsible Staff:Richard Coulson, Carlo Amerio
  • Reference: Name: Cr Bob Manning, 07 4044 3084 (contact via Karen Duffin– Assistant to Mayor)
  • Construction Cost: $40m

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