Ergon Building Townsville

This project consisted of the renovation to more than a kilometre of waterfront property which had been under-utilised for years. We worked with the heritage listed existing building, structurally re-enforcing it on the outside to retain the quality of the interior, re-using the poor quality timber as landscape furniture and artwork, and creating new spaces externally to transform a parade into a place to linger and enjoy the framed views. The existing fig tree was transformed into a playground, and the “follies” in this project work in a similar way to the proposed conservatory, providing some shelter, but most importantly focussing the space and providing opportunities for artwork, landscaping and natural features to be displayed and enjoyed.
We worked closely with various consultants to provide a redevelopment that implements and combines suitable development solutions on a social, cultural, economical and environmental levels and received the Australian Institute of Architects’ Eddie Oribin Award for Building of the Year in the 2013 Far North Queensland Regional Architecture Awards, and the Don Roderick Award for Heritage in the 2013 Queensland State Architecture Awards – clear recognition of its contribution to Cairns and its history.

  • Date :  2005-2013
  • Responsible Staff:
  • Reference: Name: Chris Boland
    Position: Chief Executive
    Phone / email: 0407 673 595
  • Construction Cost: $20m

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