CA Architects are working as leading architect and master planners to create an integrated ECO Development Project Masterplan in the FNQ Tablelands focused on a tropical experience through architecture that will set it apart from other developments, with a desire to attract both tourists and locals.

The proposed development focuses on the best characteristics of the site, working with them to create a variety of experiences including:

  • A globally significant 5 Star Resort.
  • An 18 hole Golf Course in a rainforest setting
  • 3 star family-friendly integrated resort
  • Health and Wellbeing Services
  • Education facility
  • Range of Adventure activities
  • A world class equestrian centre

The master plan principles are based on the following expected benefits :

  • Preservation of existing native wildlife habitat along watercourses, retaining ecological diversity.
  • By limiting development to disturbed and previously cleared areas, the extent of ecological impact can be minimised.
  • All buildings will be designed to capture breezes, avoiding solar gains. They are orientated to follow the existing site contours, reducing environmental impact and enhancing view aspects along ridges. The southern precinct will remain largely uncleared, preserving native wildlife habitat and supporting nature based activities.
  • Collaboration with indigenous peoples in the exposure of cultural and medicinal aspects of Aboriginal life.
  • Capacity to attract students from Australia and international destinations, providing a fun, quality learning experience with a focus on local flora and fauna.
  • Ability to attract international and Australian visitors through provision of health and wellbeing services set in a rejuvenating rainforest environment.
  • Enhanced national and international reputation of Australian tropical ecology
  • Date :  2015-Current
  • Responsible Staff:Gisela Jung, Tarran Barclay Carlo Amerio
  • Reference: Name: Stuart Ricketts
    Phone / email:
  • Construction Cost: $

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