Red Cross

The brief for this commission was to provide a mixed use development on the existing Red Cross site next to the redeveloped Cairns Hospital. The new Cairns Wellbeing Centre ”Pat Gosper Place” has been designed as a distinctive accommodation centre providing a welcoming facility for people from some of the most remote parts of the state who are receiving medical treatment in Cairns. The centre was to reflect the Red Cross wellbeing model, with its sense of openness and homeliness, mirroring health and recovery. Regular contact with stakeholders and end-users ensured that this goal was followed throughout the design process.

The centre design responds to the distinctive needs and expectations for patients from rural and remote communities, many of which suffering from poorer health, reduced life expectancy and higher levels of disease and illness.

Facilities include:

  • 44 rooms with en-suites, most with a balcony, including large family as well as fully accessible rooms, which open to natural ventilated breezeways acting as informal meeting places
  • Fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining area allows guests to self-cater and be catered for
  • FoodCents and HandsonCare as well as spaces for visiting services – e.g. from the local Health, Homelessness and Family support services and Centerlink
  • Branch services and activities – a small retail outlet, regular morning teas and other social events
  • Date :  2013-2014
  • Responsible Staff : CA, SW, TG
  • Reference : Name: Paul De Jong
    Position: Hutchinson Builders
    Phone / email: 0419 762 431
  • Construction Cost : $4.5m

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