RPS Cairns

The key focus of this project was to transform an existing dilapidated commercial structure split in two halves over five levels into an energy efficient building with an official Greenstar rating. The renovated building was to provide new regional headquarters for the growing Conics Group, previously housed over several sites. Through the re-use of the existing structure, careful façade design, sun shading and an efficient floor plan, we put together an energy efficient design respecting the tropical environment.

The problem of connecting the levels was overcome by inserting a central staircase and lift to the centre of the building. New balconies and awnings were created along the two exposed faces giving staff access to fresh air and to provide shading to the elevations to enhance energy efficiency.

New suspended lighting was installed to exposed concrete soffit ceilings and workstations to conform to green star levels of illumination, and lights and motorised blinds were connected to the building’s new C-Bus system. A new VRV air-conditioning system was installed to maximise the sustainability of the building, and new water saving plumbing fixtures were integrated into the new hydraulics system.

Internal finishes were chosen from either recycled, environmentally sustainable or low VOC materials.
The Building has been awarded a 4 Star Green Star – Office Design v2 Certified Rating, which represents ‘Best Practice’

  • Date :  2008, 4 months duration
  • Responsible Staff:Gisela Jung
  • Reference: Name: Mark Stopford
    Position: Managing Director – North Queensland RPS
    Phone / email: (07) 4031 1336
  • Construction Cost: $4.4m

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