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We consider sustainable design principles to be a critical and integral part of the design process. Most things that make a design sustainable have been part of good architectural design for thousands of years:

  • Consideration of and response to the surrounding context
  • Efficient use of space
  • Responsible use of materials
  • Creative Daylighting design
  • Effective thermal response including passive thermal design

With newer technology, additional responses have become available:

  • Energy generation on site (eg PV solar panels and many others)
  • Recycling of heat and “coolth” (heat exchange air-conditioning etc)
  • Automatic shading and ventilation
  • Phase change materials

Examples where our designs have been recognised with certifications include:

  • William McCormack Place stage 1 – when it was completed, this was the highest rated office building in Australia with ABGR 5 stars
  • RPS (Conics) Building – this was the first Greenstar Rated refurbishment in Cairns with 4 stars under the Office v2 rating tool
  • William McCormack Place Stage 2 – this was the first project to receive 6 stars in the tropics under the Greenstar Office v2 rating tool

We have also completed off-grid (ie no mains electricity or water) projects:

  • McClintock Residence, Kuranda
  • JCU Daintree Rainforest Observatory

In addition to our environmentally sustainable design approach, CA Architects performs Green Star building assessments for office buildings using the Green Star rating tool – fast becoming an important part of the design process in Australia.